The RevolveR System is a portable, lightweight, networked, retro-fit multi-axis motion control system.

Simply replacing the hand wheels on a geared head, transforms a standard camera unit into a sophisticated, yet easy to use, motion control system.

RevolveR gives the operator an almost infinite range of gear ratios, with soft and hard limits on pan and tilt. This is not just another mimic head. It provides true motion control capability.

Motion control capabilities extend to eight axes of movement, with transparent interfacing to Preston Lens Control.

RevolveR design concept is to make motion control as user friendly and affordable as possible. The intention is to bring motion control into the realms of traditional live action photography. No hybrid equipment is required. Standard “off the shelf” camera equipment can be utilised without any modification.

RevolveR can save up to 40 separate moves, with a total memory of over 172,000 frames. Any single move can be up to 30,000 frames, (or 20 minutes.) Move data can be exported and imported.

RevolveR is compatible with ARRIhead 1 & 2 as well as the Panahead, as standard. Couplings can be engineered for Worral and Technohead. Special encoded heads are NOT required. The sophisticated servo control of ensures accurate repeatability of moves in all motion control applications with any standard, maintained head.

The RevolveR System comes with Pan & Tilt handles, 2 x lens memory modules that mount onto Preston DM motors, the Hub box for power and signal distribution and HP Pocket PC User interface, providing up to four axes of control. RevolveR runs from a 12V DC supply, which is supplied with the system. Industry standard 12V batteries will also power the RevolveR.

The RevolveR System is housed in a flight case no larger than a prime lens case and weighs 20Kgs.

Additional Equipment Required

Jackson Woodburn Controls do not supply the items that the RevolveR retro-fits to.

Production is required to rent these items separately. Most of the items are likely to be part of the camera package. Those items which are not, can be supplied by our rental partners, Panavision UK.

Items required for The RevolveR System:

Arri Geared Head, No.1, 2 or 2C / Panahead
12V Block batteries
Preston lens accessories, (Microforce, Focus Control / FIZ)

Items required for The RevolveR Tracking:

24V Block batteries
Dolly track, (Moy, PV, Ronford Baker, Cinesyl)
3 Way leveller, (for lowest lens height)

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