Flight Case weight & dimensions:

RevolveR System:                                             60cm x 46cm x 20cm, 20Kgs
RevolveR Tracking Motor & Control:                 46cm x 34cm x 27cm, 15Kgs
RevolveR Spider Dolly:                                      68cm x 28cm x 24cm, 15Kgs
RevolveR Timecode Trigger Unit:                      36cm x 26cm x 13cm, 1Kgs
RevolveR DSLR timelapse accessories:           42cm x 31cm x 22cm, 5Kgs
RevolveR Preston FIZ unit:                               51cm x 30cm x 20cm, 10Kgs
RevolveR Unit Box:                                           34cm x 42cm x 28cm, 10Kgs

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