RevolveR T’code Trigger

The RevolveR System can be triggered from an external source.

Most commonly this will mean locking the RevolveR to SMPTE Time Code to synchronise action and dialogue from record and playback passes.

Input the external audio track to the RevolveR Timecode Trigger, via standard 3pin XLR audio cable. The RevolveR Timecode Trigger unit, then connects to the RevolveR Hub via the SFC panel connector. Input the specific timecode point at which the system needs to be triggered. The RevolveR System will then rest in either record or playback mode, until it receives the timecode, and will trigger at the specific point inputed.

Timecode triggering is useful, when synchronising the dialogue and action within the move, of say the same talent in conversation. T/C triggering was used extensively during the character multiplication scenes of Netflix film, "What Happened to Monday?"

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